Title Category Dimensions original available? Prints?
Dream Ride oil 24″x36″ yes yes
Bridge Falls Birches oil 24″x48″ yes no
Golden Gunstock oil 30″x40″ yes yes
Wolfeboro By Boat oil no yes
Bode Miller oil no yes
Sunset Boathouse oil 11″x14″ yes yes
Sunrise Over Rattlesnake oil no yes
Winnipesaukee From The Castle oil 36″x48″ yes yes
Blue Kayak oil no yes
Red Hill oil (palette knife) 24″x36″ yes yes
The Diveboat” oil 16″x20″ yes no
Winter Harbor Tuftonboro oil 36″x48″ yes yes
Albee Beach oil 24″x36″ yes no
Port of Wolfeboro oil no yes
View from the Camp oil 20″x24″ yes yes
Triple Cockpits oil no yes
Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Club-The Peace Hole oil 18″x24″ yes yes
Copple Crown oil no yes
David Crosby water 7″x11″ yes yes
Foliage Point water 7″x11″ yes yes
Summer Camp water 11″X15″ no yes
Fall Path Vermont water no yes
Gunstock and Roses water 10″x14″ yes yes
Tranquility water no yes
Wolfeboro Train Station water 13″x19″ no yes
Winnipesaukee Autumn Cove water 13″x19″ yes yes
Lakeside Cabin water 11″x15″ yes yes
Birches187 water no yes
The Race water 13″x19″ yes yes
Point Breeze water no yes
Copple Crown water no yes
Mermaid of the Lake water no yes
Sparkling Stream water 9.5″x13″ yes yes
Gazebo water 13″x19″ yes yes
Autumn Cove water no yes
Pine Island water no yes
Camp Path water no yes
Wolfeboro Town Docks water no yes
Springfield Point water 13″x19″ yes yes
Lake Cabin water 13″x19″ yes yes
Wolfeboro Loon water no yes
Home Town Loon water 7″x19″ yes no
Joe B water 11″x15″ yes yes
Wolfeboro Community Bandstand water 13″x19″ yes yes
Winter Stream water no yes
Yellow Lake Camp water 13″x19″ yes yes
7 Suns Coffee Club water 13″x19″ yes yes
Vermont Barn water 11″x15″ yes yes
Railroad Avenue water 13″x19″ yes yes
Fall Birches water no yes
Morning Cruise acrylic 16″x20″ no yes
Sandy Island pastel no yes
Bailey’s Bubble wis 11″x15″,13″x19″ yes no
Thanksgiving Tree wis no yes
Train Tressle wis 6″x9″ yes no
Sunset Main St wis 11″x15″,6″x9″ yes no
Train Through Tunnel wis 8″x8″ yes no
White Duck wis 6″x9″ yes no
Wolfeboro Town Bridge wis 13″x19″, 11″x15″, 6″x9″ yes no
Wolfeboro Town Hall wis 13″x19″, 6″x9″ yes no
No Wake photo
Castle Flowers photo 8″x12″,13″x19″+
Sunset Pink Sky photo
Footprints In The Snow photo
View from the Castle photo
Fall Mist photo
Rhododendron photo
View from the Castle photo
Cate Park Flowers photo
Wolfeboro Docks photo
Morning Mist photo
Hampshire Pewter Barn photo